Industrial-Rustic-Coat-Rack-009_edited.jpgWoodworking is one of my great passions. Through my work, I bring together the attributes of craftsmanship and artistry in an expression of myself. My woodworking fascination began as a young man building small projects in shop class. Over time, I grew as a craftsman and an artist — forever learning, forever increasing my skill.

I sometimes work on commission. If you are interested in a piece that I have made or have an idea and would like to see it come to life, let me know by using the contact form.


My Portfolio

Rustic Industrial Coat Rack

A coat rack made of reclaimed, weathered oak that was crafted in the rustic/industrial style — 2016

Rustic Tealight Set

A tealight set crafted as a wedding gift from cherry in a rustic fashion — 2016

Industrial Beer Caddy

An industrial/rustic beer caddy crafted from salvaged lumber — 2016

Primitive Tealight Centerpiece

A primitive tealight centerpiece crafted from reclaimed oak and cherry log — 2016

Rustic Cherry Napkin Holder

New Skills 023_edited
A rustic napkin holder crafted using cherry from our woodlot — 2016

Oak Sphere

New Skills 019_edited
An oak sphere produced without a lathe — 2016

Wooden Bracelet in oak

New Skills 015_edited
A bracelet crafted from oak — 2016

Craftsman Picture Frame

Craftsman Frame 045_edited
A craftsman picture frame made from reclaimed oak from my father’s warehouse — 2016

Blue Bandsaw Box

A bandsaw box crafted from pine scraps — 2016

Guitar Stand

Guitar Stand May 2016 026_edited
A guitar stand crafted from reclaimed oak — 2016

Cherry and Oak Rustic Keepsake Box

A cherry and oak rustic keepsake box crafted as a Christmas gift — 2015

Industrial Serving Tray

A weathered tray with oxidized copper and natural patina — 2015

Tilting Tablet Stand

A pine tablet stand that adjusts and doubles as a picture frame — 2015

Builtin Craftsman Medicine Cabinet

A builtin medicine cabinet in the craftsman style — 2013

Adjustable Book stand

An adjustable book stand made of pine and reclaimed hardware — 2013

Oak Craftsman Bench

A craftsman bench made from reclaimed oak from my father’s warehouse — 2012

Potpourri Box with Scrollwork

A hexagonal potpourri box made of oak with scrollworked lid — 2012

Living Room Builtin

A living room builtin made of stained pine in the craftsman style — 2009

This portfolio is not all inclusive but contains some of my most celebrated works