IMG_3097_editedI have come full circle.  As a teenager, even a child, I recall wanting a career in the outdoors.  However, like many, I was persuaded by the technology boon of the 90s to pursue a path in computer science.  After a semester or two, I was convinced that I could not sit in front of a computer for eight hours a day.  I was employed in various capacities after leaving college and my passion for the outdoors was satisfied only recreationally.  Although considered good jobs, I was never fulfilled in these endeavors and none I considered a career.  I grew disheartened with my path and desired to return to school for something better.  After years of deliberation and with the blessing of my wife, I returned to school, pursuing knowledge of our natural world and opportunity for a fulfilling career.  I was surprised to learn that I would have to complete four years, even with the credits I already accomplished.  Instead of frustration, I embraced the academic experience and sought to learn all I could.  The academics, however, are not the defining factor; I have come to know many brilliant and loving people who have greatly influenced me professionally and personally. I have enjoyed grand experiences outside the classroom, volunteer work, and employment within my field of study.  With the completion of four years, I achieved a B.S. in Wildlife and Fisheries Science with a Forest Ecosystems minor.  My plans for the future include engaging new experiences by working with new species, exploring new ecosystems, and learning new methods.  While exploring, I am searching for an opportunity to pursue a master’s degree.  With the same curiosity and passion I had as a child, I look forward to continuing my exploration and understanding of our natural world.