Our individual stories are the essence of humanity. Each of these tales are told from unique perspectives. After thirty-some years, I found mine. Perhaps it was always there, waiting to be focused. Here, I offer my stories that reflect my love of life and adventure, as they are told from the perspective of a naturalist.

Blogs & Vlogs


Follow me on my latest adventure! These blogs and vlogs provide a rich mixed media approach to sharing my thoughts and experience from the field to the woodshop.

My Wildlife Journey

Little BrownThese pages detail the steps of my career in wildlife. The story begins at the very beginning when I returned to school for a new career and continues with adventures thereafter. Here, I talk about the projects and experiences I had along the way.



Woodworking is one of my great passions, a craftsmanship and artistry that I love to share. This page exhibits my portfolio that contains some of my most celebrated works. I’ve included a brief story on some of them for you to enjoy.